Recommend a friend or agent to list their property/s with Bulgaria Directory and receive 25% of the listing fee.

Bulgaria has many people looking to sell properties and listing with Bulgaria Directory is an affordable marketing tool.

This is our first year of offering property listings so the time couldn’t be better to list. We will be increasing our marketing over the next few month to ensure properties are found by perspective buyers. A cost effective way of marketing Bulgarian Properties.

Prices Fixed Until February 2021

Private listings costs just 29.90 лв to list for one year. Recommend us to a friend and when they list you will receive 7.47 лв as a commission.

*Agent Listings cost just 99.90 лв for one year (unlimited listings) giving you a commission of 19.98 лв for each agent that you recommend and lists their properties with Bulgaria Directory.

*Agents are requested to list their agency (in our free listings) prior to listing properties.

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