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All business, service and event listings are ‘FREE’ for you to showcase your place. Add beautiful images and links to your website, social media pages and more. Gain reviews from happy customers to gain trust.

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Which Category suits my business?

Categories have been kept to a minimum for ease of listing. Select one or more categories that best suits your business. Add tags specific to your business or service.

Example; If you offer balloon rides, you could select two categories, Leisure and Attractions and add a tag for Balloon Rides. If you are a plumber, you could select Construction/Tradesmen and Services, then add a Tag for Plumber.

When you add an event, select tags specific to your event:

Wine Tasting – Rose Festival – Boot Sale etc.

Property Listings

We are offering unbeatable rates in our first year of offering this feature.

Private Sellers – Pay just 19.90 лв to list for a whole year.

Agents – Unlimited property listings are included with your business listing. Just 99.90 лв for the first year. Build your reputation and gain trust with perspective clients with our review system. Getting you to the top of the league.

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